Keep ALL of the mix

~ August 24, 2010

After about the first five months I was out of people who wanted the mix. So what was I going to do with the batter? I did some internet research on the bread and found several instances of people stating that you can freeze the batter. I tried it and it worked great. And I have kept doing it this way for the last two years.

I've found out you can freeze it at any point in the process - Day 3 or Day 7 ... any time. This bread just doesn't seem to care. Just take it out of the freezer and continue the day-to-day process.

Refrigerate the mix ~ So now you have done the recipe and you don't want to make four bags -- you are keeping all the mix. So take out about 1-1/3 cup of mix and make your loaves of bread. Leave the rest in the bag and just toss in the refrigerator.

AND this means you don't HAVE to wait 10 days to make bread. You can make it anytime. I use this bread often as a gift. You really want to impress 'em? Take it out of the oven and within the first 3-5 minutes take the loaf and wrap securely in aluminum foil. Tuck in a plastic knife. You can eat this bread any time but fresh, hot of the oven. Oh ... it is so good. And people love receiving it.

Use a mixer and a stainless steel bowl

~ August 24, 2010

It doesn't seem possible that I've been making this bread now for over two years. Just two weeks ago my daughter said, "Mom, you don't have to use glass and plastic. That recipe is old. And originally metal would destroy the sourdough action. But not with stainless steel." So for the last two batches I've used my mixer which is stainless steel. It worked great!

I beat the eggs and batter together first. And them dump everything else in the bowl. Mix that together. Add the nuts because now I rarely make a loaf that doesn't have chopped walnuts. I didn't add the nuts with the flour, etc. because I didn't want the nuts covered with flour. So I add them last.

Go Nuts!

~ August 22, 2008

The last time I made the bread I made BOTH loaves with walnuts -- my favorite!
Just make sure that they are finely chopped.

The bread will be delicious even if you don't, but it tends to crumble if the nuts are not chopped fine enough.

Amount? Approximately 1/2 cup for one loaf or 3/4 cup for two.

What about pecans?
I'm sure they would be good too ... I just prefer walnuts.
Think of it as getting a bit more omega three. K

This bread Forgives

~ August 23, 2008

If you forget to Mush and Burp one day
Just mush and burp as soon as you think of it.

But what if I forgot two days in a row!
Again, just mush and burp as soon as you think of it.

ARGH! I was supposed to make the bread yesterday and I forgot!
No problem, make it today.

But I didn't FEED it on the 6th day!
That's okay -- feed it now. I've been off one day and it didn't seem to matter. And I made the bread on the 10th day as usual.

I forgot to add the vanilla!
Just don't tell anyone! You can tell it if you are a friendship bread connoisseur but most people can't. I forgot this on one batch. Took it to work like usual. Didn't tell a soul. The bread disappeared just as usual. Now forgetting the baking soda or baking powder probably wouldn't work out nearly so well.

This bread is pretty forgiving. In fact, I think quite forgiving. See this page ... she says the same thing. (This page also referenced off the links page.)

Variations for next time - using applesauce instead of sugar. Converting the recipe for someone who is allergic to wheat. Both of these are variations friends of mine have tried successfully and have shared the results.