No starter? No friend to give you the starter?

Note: I have not needed to do this ... yet so cannot tell you I've tried it myself.

All is not lost! See Granni's Recipes Amish Friendship Bread site for how to begin the starter yourself. I have not tried any of the recipes on this site.

Another site for the starter.

But this site on (at bottom of the page) has the simplest to follow instructions.

Links regarding freezing the mix

I have been freezing the mix for several weeks. I have frozen it on the day of making the bread and putting the cup into the bag. Then pulled it out for use several weeks later. I have also frozen the bag 8 days into the process - went out of town for the weekend - returned, pulled the bag out of the freezer and counted that as day 9.

As long as you are not freezing the beginning when you are first creating the starter, it appears you can freeze at any time. Just be sure you mark the bag with Day Number. The number should be the number for the day you take it OUT of the freezer.

The site also references freezing the bread.